Professional Associations

Cancer Alliance 

A local organisation that links various non-profit oncology organizations and associations that promote cancer advocacy.  The Cancer Alliance provides a single voice which presents needs, comments on policy in South Africa and works towards greater awareness of cancer in our society.  Links can be found on this site to 20 organisations represented by the Cancer Alliance

Hospice Palliative Care Association 

The HPCA of South Africa – with information about where to find Hospice care in this country, and providing detail of what Palliative Care is all about.  Oncology social workers often need to link closely with these resources in the community.

The Cancer Association of South Africa

The CANSA Association website that outlines research and fund raising projects of this national group who primary focus is on community awareness and the prevention of cancer.  This is a useful site for sourcing statistics about cancer incidence in South Africa.

African Organisation for Research & Training in Cancer

AORTIC – with a focus on improving cancer management on the continent.  Their conferences now include psycho-oncology sessions and input, often with limited sponsorship for attendees who apply for asssitance

The Association of Oncology Social Work

The AOSW website.  A professional group that is primarily based in the USA but has membership around the world.  Membership of the SAOSWF entitles members to apply for Region V membership of the AOSW.  Annual conferences are hosted in the United States.

International Psycho-Oncology Society

The IPOS is open to practitioners around the world from different disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, nursing, social work, pastoral care and related fields.  The website offers on-line training lectures related to aspects of psycho-oncology care.

American Psycho-Oncology Society

This site is for the APOS which is closely linked to IPOS.  There are additional on-line lectures and learning opportunities on this site. Membership is drawn from different disciplines.

The Multi-Disciplinary Association for Supportive Care in Cancer

The MASCC includes members from clinical medical fields, including oncologists, radiotherapy consultants and specialist dental practitioners.  The focus of the association is symptom control and management, but with a focus on whole patient care.

Independent Clinical Oncology Network

ICON is the Independent Clinical Oncology Network which links oncology professionals within South Africa and provides guidelines for whole patient care

British Psycho-Oncology Society

The British Psycho-Oncology Society offers a multi disciplinary forum for development of skills and sharing information within the United Kingdom.

Union for International Cancer Control

The UICC focuses on global cancer control issues, including awareness raising and dealing with stigma and cancer advocacy